Thank You


Thank you to all those who were part of Momentum 2021! There were great lessons,  wonderful fellowship, and good food. We had a great turnout and are already looking forward to next year! Mark your calendar for March 26, 2022. 

2022 Event Details

  • Date: March 26th, 2022
  • Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
  • Theme: “Come”
  • Location: 3031 SW 104th St.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73159
  • Keynote Speaker: Dan Winkler

2021 Keynote Speaker:
Chris McCurley

Keynote Topics

Putting Jesus in His Place: Have You Been with Jesus?

There is a big difference between being around Jesus and being with Jesus. Have you been with Jesus? Can anyone tell?

Putting Jesus in His Place: Lord of All or Not Lord at All?

You will become what you revere. You will resemble what you worship. So, what do you want to become? The answer to that question starts with identifying the little “g” gods in your life. What are you bowing down to? 

2021 Class Topics

Garrett Bernethy

Keeping Jesus First in Your Career

Deadlines, meetings, upset customers, bosses, good and bad co-workers! With all the stress of a career, and the goals I set for myself, it sometimes feels impossible to keep my head on straight. Is it possible for me to have a successful career and get to heaven? The answer, YES IT IS!! In this class we will discuss the importance of keeping our priorities straight, focusing on Jesus, and how we can do that in the work place. Our influence is important, no matter where we are, and what better place to show Jesus than at work! 

John Curtis

Managing My Time with Jesus First

We all have at our disposal the same amount of time. 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds a day. So, why is it that we see some accomplishing what appears to be so much more than others? Does it not partly boil down to the management of time? The time we each have is a gracious blessing given to us by God. It is a present with which He entrusts us. How we use this gift affects how well we live in this life and the life to come. So, how do we manage, control, and steward this precious gift of God?

It sounds like it’s all up to us, doesn’t it? To a point it is. Afterall, the world will tell you to take charge of your life, take control, and, if we don’t, who will? Well thankfully, the Christian has someone that wants to help – Jesus. He is the One for whom we live, He is the Light of our world, our Good Shepherd, our Teacher, our Counselor, our King, and our Lord and Master. So, as we think about arranging our time in this world, we reflect on Him. What does He want me to do? How does He want me to spend my time? What has He taught that will help me? And, can I learn anything about time management by examining His life on earth?

Darrick Shepherd

When Jesus is First in Your Family

From the very beginning of time. God has always wanted to be first in the lives of His people. As we look at the ministry of Jesus. He often times reminded his disciples of their commitment to him and that he should be first in their lives. Today, as disciples it is beneficial for us to stop and check our priority list and see where Jesus is on that list. This should not only be for us but also for our families. Is Jesus first in our families? There are many great examples of this in the Bible but one of the greatest examples we have of this is Joshua. He was a true leader that knew the importance of God being first in his family. He proclaimed to the leaders of his time that God would always be first. Is Jesus first in your family? 

Buster Sides

Keeping Jesus First in My Relationship

What is the glue that holds the relationship between a husband a wife together? Is it compatibility? Is it common interests? Is it a commitment to each other? Is it a commitment to Christ? In this class we will remind ourselves about the design and purpose of marriage from a biblical perspective. We will see how that biblical perspective differs drastically from the world’s version. Let’s study together how to Keep Jesus First in My Relationship.  

Dillon Bruce

Teen Class #1: Jesus First in My Public Life

It can be hard to be a Christian while you’re in high school. Jesus said we’re not supposed to be like the world, but the last thing anyone wants to do is stand out in front of their peers. We all want to be just like everyone else. How can I put Jesus first and still be normal in front of my friends? How can I put Jesus first and not stand out? Why do I have to choose between Jesus and a regular high school life? Let’s talk about that.  

Teen Class #1: Jesus First in My Personal Life

The definition of integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Our relationship with Christ goes way beyond what other people see. It’s the priorities you set for yourself day after day, it’s the goals you make, the way you use your time, and the choices you make. How do I make/ keep Jesus first in my personal life? Let’s talk about that.